White Sage & Rose - Smudge Spray

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White Sage blended with Rose is a combination that purifies with a magical love spell. Aromafume’s White Sage & Rose Smudge Spray is infused with natural Sage extracts that are beautifully combined with rose to accentuate intimacy, and sensuality. This amazing blend will help you to restore romantic vibes whilst resonating positivity in the ambience.

Useful to debunk negative energies from spaces outside and within, White Sage & Rose Smudge Spray will calm your mood as well as purify the home. Every spritz diffuses a deep, earthy, sweet and inspiring scent that is perfect for intimacy, grounding & protection.

Use this non-alcoholic smokeless smudge spray on fabrics, and around the home. Experience the creation of a positive aura with a healthy body, mind, and soul.