Palo Santo Natural Balancing Mist

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Palo Santo Natural Balancing Mist (1 x 100ml Bottle)

Spray to induce: Positivity, Calmness, Confidence and Inner Peace.

Scent profile: Minty Top notes of Pine & Lemon, Woody undertone

Made using a base of Pure Peruvian Palo Santo, Palo Santo Mist is a clean, smoke-free mist that is crystal infused & Reiki charged to elevate and enhance your sense of peacefulness. This woody, minty, earthy scent reminiscent of Palo Santo Wood is perfect for meditation, grounding & protection. Using this spray will lift your spirits and awaken your senses.

Known as holy wood in Spanish, Palo Santo is a tree associated with several medicinal and therapeutic properties. Its aromatic resins, wood and oils are beneficial for meditation, concentration and enhancing creativity and reducing stress.

Shake the bottle gently, spray a few times and mist your fabric, spaces, room, linens, your car, or gym bag. This fragrance can overpower the odor of smoke & kitchen mal-odors. Blessed with the intention to cleanse your soul, body, home and spirit!