Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Canna Leaf

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The benefits of Orgonite to your home and Garden are far reaching, since the invention of electricity, radio frequencies and most recently wireless technologies we are constantly being bombarded by Electro Magnetic Frequencies, Radio Frequencies and Electromagnetic Radiation.

Orgonite acts a filter to turn jagged negative frequencies into smoother wave forms that are better for humans, plants and animals in the immediate environment.

Place Orgonite at the following places in your home to experience the benefits:

• At the four corners of your property and on your chimney if you have one.

• Near your TV, computer, Wi-Fi router, cell phone or other smart appliances.

• In the fridge and places where you keep your food to keep food fresher for longer.

• Near the electricity board at your house to protect from EMF.

• In the bedroom to assist with better quality of sleep.

• At the water inlet pipe to your property to structure incoming water.

• In the garden for your veggies and fruits to be healthier, taste better, and grow bigger.

Ingredients: Resin, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Brass Copper and Aluminum Shavings.

Additional crystals are added for their own unique properties.

Size: 100 x 40 x 40mm